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Building a Talent Strong Texas

Texas has set ambitious goals in the past, and we are not backing away from them — instead, we’re raising the bar. Our new strategic plan, Building a Talent Strong Texas, will focus on three measurable, data-driven goals:

Attainment of Certificates & Degrees

Building a Talent Strong Texas expands attainment to include all working-age Texans. In doing so, we can increase employment opportunities and income for individuals, create a deeper talent pool for employers, and align students’ skills with workforce demands.


  • 60% of Texans ages 25-64 will receive a degree, certificate, or other postsecondary credential of value by 2030.

Postsecondary Credentials of Value

Credentials from Texas institutions of higher education must propel graduates into lasting, successful careers. These careers must equip them for continued learning and greater earning potential, with low or manageable debt.


  • 550,000 students will complete postsecondary credentials of value each year.
  • 95% of students will graduate with no undergraduate student debt or manageable levels of debt in relation to their potential earnings.

Research, Development, and Innovation

Texas must be a leading state in generating knowledge through basic and applied research, and translating that research to innovations, discoveries, and economic development. This requires close partnership among key stakeholders to drive Texas’ economy.


  • Increase of $1 billion in annual private and federal research and development expenditures by 2030.
  • 7,500 research doctorates awarded annually by Texas institutions of higher education.